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A Bella Wedding


Maureen here, former Bella wedding designer and recent Bella bride. This post is a thank you to Jenna, Bella and Co. herself. The woman working the gears of so many beautiful weddings and seamless events is humble, and thrives behind the scenes, and she is ever the cheerleader of her employees and colleagues, so I had to take over her blog and share with you some of the reasons why she is so wonderful.


My wedding was, of course, the culmination of the love between me and my husband, but it also serves as a great example of all the ways Jenna has been a mentor, friend, boss, and kick-a** wedding planner for me. Firstly, I wouldn’t have met my husband if I hadn’t met Jenna. She gave me a job working at the Xerox International Jazz Festival, for which she is the logistical coordinator. I checked in volunteers during the fest, and one handsome Jazz lover walked in one day to work. Jenna and her mom conspired to send me on a date with him and the rest is history. I also believe that not only did Jenna create the circumstances for me to meet Alex, but she gave me the confidence and room to grow that allowed me to be the person who was ready for this relationship.


While I worked for Jenna, she gave me the chance to design weddings for her clients, to meet so many of the wonderful vendors who we hired and to see how she makes an event really work. I learned to design for events in a way that is both beautiful and practical. Her voice was in my head when I was thinking of screenprinting all the napkins with the menu and I opted to make a printed card instead, which was equally lovely and ten times less stressful.


She helped us make sure the day was smooth, that our guests were happy and that everything made sense in a way that felt good for us and our guests. She knew exactly what to say to diffuse tense moments of stress and what questions to ask to guide us toward decisions when we felt lost. She always keeps it light and takes it seriously.


Throughout my time working for Jenna, she always supported my creativity and searched for ways to help me feel fulfilled. I came to Bella with a background in graphic design so she sent her clients to me for signs and wedding stationery and because of my experience with Bella, wedding stationery has become my niche in design and Jenna continues to send her lovely couples to me (You can find me now at stonefruit.studio).


Of course, because Jenna is so good at her job and was working away making sure everything went perfectly, she snuck out of all photos the day of the wedding. (Except for one in which she’s helping me put on my shoes–  see, she does it all.) Thank you to Jenna for everything. Alex and I are truly grateful and there aren’t enough words to fully express our appreciation.


If you liked these lovely images captured by Alixann Loosle Photography, our wedding was published on Junebug Weddings recently! See the post here.