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Focus on Food

There are endless details to consider when planning a wedding: what type of flowers will decorate the tables? What colors will the girls wear? Tuxedo or suit? Dj or Band? Updo or low pony?

After announcing your engagement, people will ask you, where will the wedding be? What’s the theme? Is the ceremony outdoors? These are all good questions, but one that has become more important to couples getting married is, What’s for dinner?

Your guests are bound to appreciate all of the beautiful fashion, decor and music choices you make and they’ll treasure the pictures from the special day. And they’re guaranteed to remember the food.

The dinner table brings families and friends together to celebrate. It is a place to gather, to connect and to share. At your wedding, the table is the place where old friends will reconnect and new family ties will tighten. Choosing special dishes for guests to enjoy is a gift that they will savor even after the meal is over.

Caterers are realizing that couples are excited to share interesting appetizers, entrées and desserts at their weddings so the market for new choices is expanding. Shopping for the menu can be a fun part of wedding planning since tastings are absolutely necessary to make the right selections!


Angela and Paul entertained their guests at Ember Woodfire Grill where Paul is chef and co-owner. The local and organic selections were a main attraction at their celebration. Photo: Matt Wittmeyer

Last season, food was a main focus for many of our couples. Angela and Paul celebrated their marriage at Ember Woodfire Grill where Paul is chef and co-owner. The menu was packed with carefully prepared local vegetables and organic meats. Wine directors Jessica and Thomas married at Dano’s Heuriger on Seneca Lake where guests- including many sommeliers and restauranteurs- enjoyed a whole suckling pig and an abundant selection of fine wines.

This wedding season, too, is sure to have a focus on food with another wedding at Dano’s (we can’t wait for dinner!) and one at the Ithaca Farmer’s Market. We’re looking forward to helping the plans for all of this year’s weddings come to life and to taste the dinner selections our couples have chosen!